Nov 15, 2023

The O&M Benefits of Continuous Battery Monitoring

The O&M Benefits of Continuous Battery Monitoring The battery technologies that most often make industry headlines these days are those that hold promise for integrating renewably generated power. But advances in other applications deserve attention as well, especially when they offer utilities substantial operations and maintenance (O&M) benefits. Lead-acid batteries have supplied tried-and-tru...

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Aug 16, 2023

Proactive Power Management for Data Centers

In the dynamic world of data centers, where uptime and reliability are crucial, one component often overlooked is the battery system. Batteries serve as a vital backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted operations during power outages. Data centers operate in an environment where even the slightest disruption can have significant consequences. Unplanned power outages can result in costly...

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Jun 27, 2023

How Circuit Breaker Monitoring Can Support Data-Driven Decision Making for Grid Optimization

In the dynamic landscape of the electric utility industry, the ability to make informed decisions and optimize grid performance is crucial for ensuring reliable power supply to customers. Traditional approaches to grid management are being transformed by circuit breaker monitoring systems and the wealth of data they generate. By harnessing this data and adopting a data-driven decision-making...

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Jun 05, 2023

The Critical Role of Battery Monitoring Systems

Battery-powered Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems have become critical to numerous industries and applications. From renewable energy installations to data centers and critical infrastructure, reliable and uninterrupted operations have become an essential part of business operations. Battery monitoring systems have emerged as indispensable tools that provide valuable insights into batte...

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May 30, 2023

How Much Are EV Charger Outages & Truck Rolls Costing You?

According to J.D. Power’s 2021 Electric Vehicle Experience Ownership Study, 43% of EV driver respondents had encountered broken public charging stations. Up to 25% of public U.S. EV chargers are out of operation at any given time, with these outages often going undetected until a technician is physically present. Outages are routinely due to a charger communication failure which leaves the Charg...

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Apr 10, 2023

Transformers in Short Supply: How Real-time Monitoring Can Keep the Lights On

Transformers are an essential part of the electrical grid infrastructure, as they are responsible for regulating voltage and transferring electrical energy between different parts of the grid. Without transformers, it would be impossible to transmit electricity over long distances or to deliver it to homes and businesses at the right voltage. However, despite their importance, there is currently...

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Apr 05, 2023


In order to meet automaker requirements for the continued sale of EVs, auto dealerships across the country are gearing up to install Level 2 and Level 3 (DC Fast) EV chargers. With most automakers issuing tight time frames to install these EV chargers by the beginning of 2024, dealers are running into supply chain bottle necks, permitting and design delays, and long lead times when it comes to...

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Feb 28, 2023

Improving Energy Efficiencies by Correcting Power Factor

As the demand for electricity continues to rise, it's becoming increasingly important for electric utilities to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. One crucial factor in achieving these goals is power factor. Specifically, the relationship between power factor and energy efficiency as it applies to distribution transformers. Distribution transformers are an essential part of the electric...

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Feb 21, 2023

Avoiding Bottlenecks When Deploying EV Infrastructure

The U.S. has known for roughly two decades that it would eventually face a shortage of skilled electricians. Unfortunately, the shortage is hitting just as the National Electric Vehicle Investment (NEVI) program kickstarts the deployment of tens of thousands of electric vehicle (EV) chargers nationwide. As a result, the industry will have to find innovative ways to minimize the labor required by...

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Feb 14, 2023

Extending the Service Life of Critical Assets

Electric utility companies rely on circuit breakers to protect their critical assets and ensure the reliability of the electric grid. However, many of the circuit breaker systems in use today are aging and replacing, upgrading, and installing these systems is not only complex, but costly. Over time, the physical components within a circuit breaker degrade. For example, the contacts in a circuit...

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