Proactive Power Management for Data Centers

Aug 16, 2023

In data centers, ensuring uptime and reliability is crucial, yet one component frequently overlooked is the battery system. Batteries serve as a vital backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted operations during power outages. Data centers operate in an environment where even the slightest disruption can have significant consequences. Unplanned power outages can result in costly downtime and data loss. By continuously monitoring battery health and performance, data centers can identify potential issues and take proactive measures to prevent critical failures.

Battery State-of-Health

Batteries are complex electrochemical devices that require careful monitoring to ensure their longevity and reliability. Monitoring a batteries state of charge and state of health helps gauge the amount of charge available and the overall health of the battery system. This information is key for predicting battery life and scheduling maintenance or replacements. Battery monitoring allows data centers to assess the capacity and performance of batteries under different load conditions. Data Centers can use this information for capacity planning which ensures that the battery system can support the required load during power outages. 

The absence of battery monitoring in data centers can result in increased downtime risk, reduced battery lifespan, safety concerns, and inefficient resource allocation. These factors can have severe consequences on the reliability, availability, and safety of data center operations. Battery monitoring systems play a critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning and resilience of data centers. By carefully monitoring battery health, operators can extend battery lifespans, implement predictive maintenance strategies, identify abnormalities, and help meet compliance and safety requirements.

Monitoring battery health is a powerful tool for data centers to help reduce costs. By monitoring parameters such as voltage, temperature, and conductance, data centers can detect early signs of battery degradation or impending failures. This allows for timely maintenance or replacement, preventing unexpected outages. Continuous monitoring generates historical data, allowing data center operators to identify patterns and trends in battery performance. This data can be utilized for predictive analytics and maintenance, enabling strategies to prevent potential issues and optimize battery lifespan by identifying when batteries likely require maintenance or replacement. 

Real-Time Insight

With real-time insights, operators have found that battery monitoring can help identify abnormalities allowing them to proactively intervene before they escalate into significant issues within the system helping reduce the likelihood of critical failures. For example, Batteries are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and environmental factors. Continuous monitoring enables data center operators to identify and address any issues that may compromise battery performance, such as overheating or exposure to moisture. 

Overall, energy efficiency is enhanced as batteries are maintained at their peak operating levels, curbing energy consumption and associated costs. This comprehensive approach, driven by battery monitoring data, informs decisions that lead to smarter investments, reduced waste, and increased sustainability. Ultimately, by proactively addressing battery-related challenges, data centers can significantly curtail operational costs while maintaining the utmost reliability.

Battery monitoring is a critical aspect of maintaining the reliability, resilience, and efficiency of data centers. It empowers operators to monitor battery health, proactively address issues, and optimize battery utilization. By embracing advanced battery monitoring solutions, data centers can ensure uninterrupted operations, mitigate downtime risks, and contribute to sustainable practices in the digital landscape.


Our Solutions: CELLGUARD™

CELLGUARD™ Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS) are designed to provide an accurate and reliable indication of battery state-of-health through monitoring and analysis of battery voltage, temperature, and conductance.

Operators are provided with continuous 24/7 monitoring of key battery performance indicators to help enable proactive maintenance, ensure battery performance, and deliver uninterrupted uptime when it matters the most.

View our battery monitoring solutions used in mission critical standby power applications.




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