Overcoming Obstacles in the EV Charging Industry

The Electric Vehicle (EV) charging industry is poised for rapid growth in 2023 following the approval of state plans for managing $1.5 billion in first-round funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed in 2021. However, the industry will need to overcome two challenges — one set by legislators and another inherent to the market. To be eligible for funding under the National...

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Understanding Switchgear

A switchgear is a critical component of DC fast charging infrastructure which is composed of electrical panels with the task of receiving, distributing, and protecting the site’s power. Traditionally, these post-and-frame switchgear systems are comprised of multiple mixed-manufacturer electrical panels including breakers panels, a current transformer (CT) cabinet, and transformers. All of which...

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Is There A Simple Solution For EV Charger Infrastructure?

NexPhase™ Smart EV Switchgear is an all-in-one turnkey switchgear solution which contains the entire infrastructure required between the utility service and up to four 150 kW Level 3 DC fast chargers. Unlike any switchgear of its kind, the NexPhase™ Smart EV Switchgear features cutting-edge grid intelligence for switchgear and EV charger remote monitoring and control.

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