LAUNCH: Optimizer 3 Hardware Translator

Apr 27, 2021

OM-PC-61850 Hardware Translator for OM3D

The OM3D is the leading circuit breaker monitoring solution in the United States. Major utilities and OEMs alike rely on its comprehensive real-time breaker monitoring functionality. But while DNP3 to SCADA is the leading comms approach in the US, IEC 61850 is the leading comms protocol in the EU. Franklin Grid Solutions is proud to announce the introduction of the external IEC 61850 hardware translator for OM3D. This hardware translator, coupled with comprehensive data mapping, enables OEMs and utilities in the EU to fully exploit the suite of OM3D breaker monitoring functions – all while working with a known comms protocol. 




The Optimizer3 Circuit Breaker Monitor delivers advanced automated reporting of all critical circuit breaker performance parameters to ensure uptime and facilitate predictive maintenance.

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