NEW: CELLGUARD™ Wired Battey Monitoring System

Mar 06, 2024

The new CELLGUARD™ Wired Battery Monitoring System (BMS) delivers a faster and more intuitive installation process than its predecessor through the CONVERGE™ web interface. CONVERGE™ accelerates the installation time by guiding users step-by-step through the commissioning process. Operators can then leverage the sophisticated IoT database, UNITE™, for insight into their entire battery network’s state-of-health. CELLGUARD™ Wired BMS helps operators ensure there is uninterrupted power when it matters the most.

Operators are provided with continuous 24/7 monitoring of key battery performance indicators to help enable proactive maintenance, ensure battery performance, and deliver uninterrupted uptime when it matters the most. Some indicators include: 

  • Battery state of health
  • Internal resistance testing and performance trending
  • Discharge events

Leveraging a secure MQTT communication protocol, the BMS allows users to safely communicate with the web-based UNITE™ Asset Management Database. UNITE™ provides user-friendly access to all battery performance data for convenient centralized analysis and reporting arming service and maintenance personnel with a consolidated view of an entire network of battery health and performance data.

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