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Apr 25, 2022 | substations, breakers, Utilities
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APPLICATION: Transmission / Distribution Substation Circuit Breakers

Are Your Personnel Empowered with the Remote Access They Need?

Monitoring and measuring key utility assets like circuit breakers is important, but this data doesn’t become actionable information until it gets to the right personnel with the capabilities to act on it. With expanding networks and additional assets to monitor, utilities are looking at cost-effective ways to manage their equipment performance without increasing truck rolls and headcount.

The Optimizer3 Circuit Breaker Monitor includes a web-based user interface that remotely provides monitoring data on both the mechanical and electrical performance of a network of circuit breakers to key stakeholders. The remote web interface delivers a trending analysis of a breaker’s overall state-of-health that can be used to predict the date of future service. All data can also be seamlessly fed into a utility’s existing back-office software or SCADA via DNP3 network communication protocol.

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How It Works

  1. Fiber Optic, Ethernet, and  RS-485 communication port options connect the Optimizer3 Circuit Breaker Monitor to a network to facilitate the transfer of data. 

  2. The Optimizer3 is a web server itself, so there is no special software needed to communicate with it. Any web browser can be used locally or remotely to access the Optimizer3.

  3. Performance data is delivered through standard network communication protocols to maintenance, reliability, and environmental protection stakeholders with role-based access and permissions. Data is presented via a user-friendly interface where personnel can identify any potential issues at a glance.



Facilitating Proactive Maintenance Planning

With the Optimizer3 delivering monitoring data on both the mechanical and electrical performance of a circuit breaker, utilities are provided with a trending analysis that can help them predict the date of future service and deploy targted maintenance visits with the right tools and parts in-hand to perform maintenance. All of this can be done remotely before incurring the expense of sending a technician to the substation to conduct tests, diagnose issues, retrieve any tools or replacement parts not in the truck, and then return to the site.

Here's The Benefits:

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Condition Based Maintenance

Armed with a high degree of circuit breaker performance insight from the Optimizer3, utilities can deploy maintenance with intelligence and only as needed – limiting truck roles, speeding reaction time, and lowering overall maintenance costs.

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Remote Control

In addition to monitoring capabilities, users can also remotely clear or reset alarms, execute setup and programming changes, download performance data, and conduct device firmware upgrades.

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Simplified Reporting

The Optimizer3 aids in the mandatory compliance reporting required by the EPA, resources boards, and other regulatory agencies by monitoring for SF6 gas leaks and related indicators. Circuit breaker performance and SF6 gas compliance reports can be easily generated and exported in CSV format. 

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