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Are Your Maintenance Teams Outfitted with the Latest In Battery Testing Technology?

For technicians tasked with conducting manual compliance testing on DC power plant batteries, having the right tool for the job is key. Testing has to be fast, reliable, and most importantly safe. Outfitted with the latest in handheld battery testing technology, maintenance teams are executing more efficient testing programs and delivering both time and money savings.

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Next Gen Features:

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Breaker Timing Metrics

Breaker timing is a key indicator of a breaker’s overall state-of-health and a good indication of remaining life. In the milliseconds it takes for a circuit breaker to trip, the Optimizer3 collects and delivers a full spectrum of timing data including opening (trip) time, clearing time, arc duration, and opening/closing travel times and velocities.

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Condition Based Maintenance

Armed with a high degree of circuit breaker performance insight from the Optimizer3, utilities can deploy maintenance with intelligence and only as needed – limiting truck roles, speeding reaction time, and lowering overall maintenance costs.

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24/7 Real-Time Analysis

The web-based software provides monitoring data on both the mechanical and electrical performance of a circuit breaker, delivering trending analysis that predicts the date of future service. All data can be seamlessly transmitted to the utility’s SCADA via DNP3.

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SF6 Reporting

The Optimizer3 aids in the mandatory compliance reporting required by the EPA, resources boards, and other regulatory agencies by monitoring for SF6 gas leaks and related indicators, and ensuring awareness of leaks and resultant harmful emissions.

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CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital Battery Tester

The CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital is a fast, user-friendly, premium handheld tester for measuring battery conductance, voltage, temperature and strap resistance in high-noise environments for a complete battery state-of-health analysis.

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