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Why Are Battery Monitoring Systems Trending?

Utilities are turning to battery monitoring systems to help mitigate maintenance costs, achieve NERC compliance, and improve the reliability of their critical back-up power systems. With remote access to back-up battery system state-of-health information, utilities can proactively maintain the stationary power systems providing standby power for their critical utility infrastructure without drastically increasing the workload of their technicians.

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CELLGUARD™ Battery Monitoring Systems

Ensure uptime with enhanced 24/7 remote of VLA, VRLA, and NiCAD battery system monitoring. CELLGUARD™ Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS) provide an accurate and reliable indication of battery state-of-health through the monitoring and analysis of battery voltage, temperature, conductance, internal resistance, and electrolyte levels.



About Battery Monitoring Systems

Franklin Electric provides the battery monitoring hardware, back-end database, and automated reporting needed to help meet each utility’s NERC PRC-005-6 battery maintenance plan, ensuring battery backup systems are ready to go at a moment’s notice. CELLGUARD™ Battery Monitoring Systems provides automated analysis of battery test data, alarming, and data retention to ensure critical power systems are compliant and can perform when called upon. 

Here's The Benefits:

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Avoid Downtime

Comprehensively monitor an entire network of battery back-up power systems to aid in ensuring uptime. Remain vigilant with battery health information, battery deterioration measurements, and string failure alarms that create immediate awareness of system deficiencies when customized thresholds are exceeded.

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Preventative Maintenance

Armed with a high degree of battery performance insight, utilities can deploy targeted, preventative maintenance planning in lieu of costly periodic testing and emergency truck rolls, lowering overall maintenance costs.

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Automated NERC Compliance

Keeping up with NERC PRC-005-6 compliance efforts doesn’t have to be overwhelming and difficult. Implementing an automated battery monitoring solution will ensure utilities keep pace with government mandated requirements.

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Mitigate Replacement Costs

With remote access to key battery state-of-health data, utilities can more effectively predict the end-of-life of their battery systems. Zero-in with the data-driven replacement of specific aging batteries and strings instead of broad-based battery replacement programs.

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