NEXPHASE™ Smart EV Switchgear

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NexPhase - UNITE - Square.psd NexPhase - UNITE - Square.psd NexPhase - UNITE - Square.psd NexPhase - UNITE - Square.psd NexPhase - UNITE - Square.psd NexPhase - UNITE - Square.psd

NEXPHASE™ Smart EV Switchgear

The NexPhase™ Smart EV Switchgear is an all-in-one switchgear enclosure containing the entire infrastructure required between the utility service and up to four Level 3 DC fast chargers. Unlike any switchgear of its kind, the NexPhase™ Smart EV Switchgear features cutting-edge grid intelligence and EV charger remote monitoring and control.


As a result of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program that provides funding for strategically deploying electric vehicle charging infrastructure along major US highways, many utilities are looking to incorporate EV chargers into their existing sites. NexPhase™ is an all-in-one, NEVI-focused intelligent switchgear solution that enables site owners to maintain higher charger uptimes while minimizing installation, maintenance, and operating costs.


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By combining all switchgear equipment into one enclosure, NexPhase™ eliminates the lengthy design process of traditional post-and-frame systems, which require additional costs to design and source a mixed-manufacturer panel system.

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Remote Monitoring & Control

An embedded monitoring system provides remote access to real-time health data with remote power cycling capabilities and automated alarms to facilitate condition-based maintenance planning.

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Increase EV Charger Uptime

With early detection of EV charger deficiencies and system performance diagnostics provided by NexPhase™, fleet operators are provided with the tools to improve uptime, extend equipment service life, and enhance the reliability of their EV charger systems.

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Pinpoint Off-Line EV Chargers

It’s approximated that up to 25% of public U.S. EV chargers are out of operation at any given time, with these outages going undetected until a technician is physically present. NexPhase™ provides ongoing state-of-charge data so operators can identify outages and remotely cycle power to maintain the 97% uptime requirement set by the NEVI guidelines. 

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Mitigate Up-Front Costs

NexPhase™ only requires the on-site connections for the incoming power and outgoing charger connections, drastically reducing on-site installation time and costs.

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Protect Your Site

NexPhase™ includes integrated emergency-stop capabilities for NFPA compliance and added safety features including EV charger crash detection and flammable gas monitoring with automatic shutdown and remote alerts.

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A switchgear is a critical component of a DC fast charger station's infrastructure. Tasked with receiving, distributing, and protecting the site’s power, switchgear is typically composed of a series of electrical panels. Traditionally, these post-and-frame switchgear systems have been comprised of multiple mixed-manufacturer electrical panels that are wired together on-site during installation. NexPhase™ is a Buy America Compliant Component that provides an integrated, single cabinet, ready-to-install solution to minimize the complexity and effort required to install a switchgear that fulfills NEVI requirements.


NexPhase™ combines a Current Transformer (CT) cabinet, 480 VAC 3-Phase breaker panel, 240/120 VAC single phase breaker panel, and transformer into a single enclosure.


Eliminate the additional resources, time, and supply chain difficulties often associated with designing and sourcing a mixed-manufacturer post-and-frame switchgear systems.


All internal components come pre-installed and pre-wired. With a shortage of qualified, veteran electricians available, NexPhase™ makes it easy to execute more EV charger projects with existing workforces.

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In addition to consolidating switchgear components into a single footprint, NexPhase™ Smart EV Switchgear features advanced intelligence:

Utility Power, Switchgear, and EV Charger Monitoring

Integrated 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Communication

Remote Web Interface for Monitoring, Control, & Reporting

Remote EV Charger Power Cycling

E-Stop Integration Capable

EV Charger Crash Detection / Flammable Vapor Monitoring Capable

Integrated Pest & Rodent Intrusion Mitigation

Flood Detection with Automated Shutdown

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NexPhase™ securely communicates with the UNITE™ user interface, providing user-friendly access to monitoring information including transaction analysis, energy consumption, charge duration, EV charger state, utility power monitoring, and remote control capabilities. Combined, the monitoring information can help operators reach the 97% uptime requirement set by NEVI. These data gathering and control capabilities may also be integrated into existing software platforms.

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With $5 billion in federal funding available over the next five years, the NEVI Funding Programs is a great opportunity to help marketers accelerate their EV charger infrastructure rollout initiatives. NexPhase™ is purpose-built to fast-track NEVI funded initiatives at every touchpoint.



In support of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, NexPhase™ enables rapid deployment of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure by offering a turnkey switchgear solution that provides real-time monitoring and alerts, making it easier to achieve and provide evidence of the required 97% uptime.

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Combines the Current Transformer (CT) cabinet, 480 V 3-Phase breaker panel, 240/120 V single phase breaker panel, and transformer into a single enclosure.
Integrated 250 A breakers (qty 4 - 1 for each EV charger) capable of supporting up to four 150 kW DC fast chargers.
Integrated communication via both Ethernet and Cellular connection for remote applications.
The on-board NexPhase Hub™ Power/Health Monitor provides power and switchgear monitoring with cloud-based access to data via a remote user interface.
Helps ensure charger uptime and facilitates predictive maintenance by providing remote access to key EV charger health indicators including incoming power measurements, charging state, and energy usage.

Provides ongoing EV charger state-of-charge data, enabling charger operators to accurately pinpoint EV charger outages and deploy maintenance only when and where it is needed. Many EV charger deficiencies may be solved with the remote power cycling capability.



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The NexPhase™ Hub is a power and health monitor which provides continuous, precision performance monitoring of switchgear power measurements and key state-of-health indicators. Components include:

  • Voltage Leads (Qty 5)
  • Split-Core Rogowski Coils (Qty 4)
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Status Indicator LED
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An MQTTS Communication Protocol allows the NexPhase™ Hub to securely communicate with the web-based UNITE™ user interface. UNITE™ provides user-friendly access to monitoring information including:

Power Analysis

  • Current by Phase
  • Power Factor by Phase
  • Power Factor vs. Current
  • Voltage
  • Incoming utility power status
  • Max average power

Transaction Analysis

  • Energy consumption
  • Charge duration
  • EV Charger State
  • Max average power
  • Daily/weekly usage
  • Accumulated energy per post


Visualize your entire network geographically in a single map view. Confirm the status of all chargers and quickly key in on those that may require attention or maintenance.


Incoming Feeder Circuit 480 VAC Wye Connected, 3-Phase, 1,000 A
AC Input Connection 3-Phase, L1, L2, L3, Neutral & GND
Utility Connections Lug Cable Size 3 x 600 MCM, Copper or Aluminum
Current Transformer (CT) Bar Type Mounting Plate
   Mounting Pattern Built to utility specification
Main Service Circuit Breaker 480 VAC Wye Connected, 3-Phase, 1,000 A
Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) 50 KA
Number of Branch Breaker 5
   Rated at 480 V, 3-Phase, 250 A 4
   Rated at 480 V, 3-Phase, 40 A 1
Number of 150 kW Chargers to supply 4
Current (Max) Each Charger 250 A
480 V: 120V Transformer 1
Number of 120 V Breakers 7
Number Remote Resettable 4
Technician-Ready GFCI Outlet 1


Transaction Summary Average Power, Voltage Current, Accumulated Energy each Post
Daily/Weekly Summary Average Power, Voltage Current, Accumulated Energy each Post


Remote Connectivity Ethernet, Cellular Modem
Cloud Based Data Acquisition MQTTS Protocol
User Interface UNITE™ web-based, remote user interface
Web Browser Compatible Edge®, Chrome OS®, Firefox®


Enclosure NEMA 3R Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Cabinet
Electrical Code Designed for NFPA70; NEC2020
Certifications/Approvals UL Listed, UL891


Dimension (HxWxD) 78"x 48" x 56"
Weight 1,500 Pounds / 680 Kilograms


NexPhase - Specs - Components.psd

1. 4G/LTE Cellular Modem

2. Ethernet Switch

3. IO Module

4. Energy Reducing Maintenance Switch (ERMS)

5. 120 VAC Circuit Breakers (Qty 7)

6. Motor Operator Relays for EV Charger Power Cabinet (Qty 8)

7. 24 VDC Terminal Blocks

8. 120 VAC:24 VDC Power Supply

9. 120 VAC Terminal Blocks

10. EV Charger Post Contactors for Remote Power Cycling (Qty 4)

11. NexPhase™ Hub Power / Health Monitor for Main Power

12. NexPhase™ Hub Power / Health Monitor for EV Charger Cabinet (Qty 4)

13. Current Transformers (Provided by Utility)

14. Underground Utility Service Connections

15. 480 VAC, 3-Phase Main Breaker Feeder Cables

16. Utility Neutral Connection

17. 480 VAC:120 VAC Transformer

18. 1,000 A Main Service Circuit Breaker

19. 480 VAC, 3-Phase, 40 A Branch Circuit Breaker

20. 480 VAC, 3-Phase, 250 A EV Charger Power Cabinet Circuit Breakers with Remote Power Cycling (Qty 4)

Model Description
NP-SWG-NEVI600B NexPhase™ Smart EV Switchgear, to connect up to (4) 150 kW DC Fast Chargers