Product Enhancement: INCON™ DTM Capabilities

Feb 27, 2024
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INCON® Distribution Transformer Monitor Life Prediction and Ethernet Enhancements

As part of our ongoing commitment to continual product improvement, we are pleased to announce several enhancements to the INCON® Distribtion Transformer Monitor (DTM). The updates detailed below include expanded communication options and the introduction of transformer life prediction functionality for enhanced service and maintenance planning.

Transformer Life Prediction:

The DTM not only tracks the loss of life of life in a transformer but also employs advanced predictive algorithms to forecast the estimated remaining run time. The DTM ensures a near-constant assessment of the transformer’s health, considering real-time conditions and applying a calculated dynamic acceleration factor to predict the cumulative loss of life accurately.

Ethernet Communication Option:

Choose from a new Ethernet connection option capable of DNP3 and MODBUS protocols, or a built-in Cat M1/NB2 cellular modem that allows the DTM to communicate via Verizon® and compatible private LTE networks, enabling DTM deployment anywhere and at scale.

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