What is a Vented lead acid battery?

Vented lead acid batteries are commonly referred to as flooded or wet cell batteries. These are commonly used for back-up power applications in the utility, telecommunications industries, datacenters and energy grid storage. VLA batteries are typically larger and hence hold higher capacity. They are also expensive and have longer life.

What makes it vital to monitor your battery electrolyte level?

Vented lead-acid battery electrolyte levels are affected during the charge and discharge cycle due to the chemical reaction taking place inside the cell. A battery that is starved of electrolyte will not perform as expected. Any portions of the internal plates which are not covered in electrolyte become permanently damaged. Low electrolyte levels will lead to premature failure modes, less battery capacity, and a diminished lifespan.

Manually checking each battery is time consuming, expensive, and can be hazardous when considering the potential obstacles. Battery sites are often spread out in different locations. Sometimes the sites are remote or have restricted access due to terrain, travel complications, weather, or natural disasters.

The CELLGUARD SYSTEM-ELS+ Electrolyte Level Monitor can help !

The CELLGUARD SYSETEM-ELS+ system alleviates these issues and reduces the amount of time personnel spend near high voltage and battery acid. ELS+ monitoring increases the reliability of the back-up power system and protects the large investment of flooded cell batteries.The monitoring system provides 24/7 reporting every day of the year so a customer can have confidence and make informed decisions regarding the state of their batteries at all times.