The Critical Role Of Fork Trucks & The Batteries That Power Them

Fork trucks play an often invisible, but critical role in today’s e-commerce driven economy.  With substantial movement of goods through high-volume distribution facilities, pallets upon pallets of product is being moved 24 hours a day by fork trucks.

Electric fork trucks, powered by 36 and 48 volt battery packs are extremely common.  However, these workhorses are only as capable as the batteries that power them, and those batteries can be something of an enigma for the distribution center manager and the material handler alike.  Since the batteries are comprised of individual 2 volt cells, one cell that underperforms or reaches a premature loss of health, can impede the drive/run time of the truck and impact the efficiency of the entire distribution operation.

One way to quickly check those batteries proactively is to use a conductance-based meter like the CELLTRON ADVANTAGE.  The Celltron Advantage provides a rapid comparison of the individual cells in the pack, identifying if any individual cell is substantially underperforming the rest of the cells.  One cell can lead to significant loss of performance.

Using the Celltron Advantage is easy and safe.  A scan of an entire pack can be completed in less than 3 minutes immediately after the battery pack comes off its daily charge cycle.  The material handler can be trained to perform this test weekly or it can be part of the maintenance staff’s regular routine.  Either way, it’s a small investment of time to ensure that those packages get where they need to as quickly as they can!

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