Congratulations! You know how vitally important it is to maintain your stationary batteries. You test your batteries with a handheld analyzer on a regular schedule. You monitor conductance, voltage, temperature, current, and strap resistance with a battery monitoring system.

But, what do you do with all of that data?

As power reliability becomes more critical to telecommunications, data management, utility and other industries, management of batteries grows in complexity and importance. Uptime is a requirement; zero downtime is critical. Software programs can address the growing importance of 24/7/365 operation and simplify the process of battery maintenance and management.

A comprehensive software system can provide consistent visibility of key system parameters. This ensures system reliability. A software program, such as Celltraq, collects the data from your testers and monitoring equipment. This allows:

  1. Simplification of the data collection process
  2. Effective analysis of the data on hand by facility personnel
  3. Efficient process management, including battery replacement scheduling and budgeting of facility personnel’s time
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