Case Study: Battery Monitoring Systems Help Utilities Mitigate Maintenance Costs

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24-7 battery monitoring systems enable utilities to remotely monitor their critical stationary power systems.


A major US utility provider serving 7.2 million customers, began acquiring existing Telecom locations across the Midwest, East Coast, and as far south as Florida. Each location includes various sizes of 2V and 12V batteries which provide back-up power for their critical communication infrastructure. With 2,000+ DC power plants and 3,000+ battery strings spread across a large geographical area, they needed a cost-effective battery monitoring solution to ensure their back-up systems were ready to perform in the event of an outage, without drastically increasing the workload of their technicians.


With a growing infrastructure, the utility provider partnered with Franklin Electric to help mitigate their infrastructure preventive maintenance and battery replacement program costs by deploying Franklin’s CELLGUARD™ Wireless Battery Monitoring Systems. Comprised of a Base Coordinator Unit and an array of battery sensor modules, CELLGUARD™ provides 24/7 battery state-of-health data that is integrated into their existing network management software for remote analysis and reporting. Installation cost and time are reduced with the system’s wireless communication capabilities which enable all hardware to communicate to the Base Coordinator free of cabling. Franklin’s CONVERGE™ Web Interface allows the utility provider to scale the network installation process with the ability to download and save standard configurations, further mitigating the installation time and cost of each system deployed.


With the CELLGUARD™ Wireless Battery Monitoring Systems in place, the utility provider now has remote access to the information they need to proactively maintain their entire network of stationary power systems and avoid costly downtime. CELLGUARD™ facilitates targeted, preventative maintenance planning in lieu of costly periodic testing and emergency truck rolls. Further, they are positioned to remotely update system configurations, perform manual tests, and deploy firmware updates via CONVERGE™, ensuring they are able to take advantage of the latest enhancements, updates, and security.

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CELLGUARD™ Wireless Battery Monitoring System

The CELLGUARD™ Wireless Battery Monitoring System (BMS) provides an accurate and reliable indication of battery state-of-health through monitoring and analysis of battery voltage, temperature, and conductance.

Get remote access to the information you need to proactively maintain your stationary power systems and avoid costly downtime. With solid noise immunity, the CELLGUARD™ Wireless Battery Monitoring System is suited for applications including power utilities, data centers, telecommunications systems, and DC systems with filtered AC electrical ripple.


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