Gridsense Line IQ

Gridsense Line IQ

LineIQ provides basic line fault indication, as well as intelligent remote monitoring. Basic fault indicators point only to the initial (primary) faults; however, intelligent monitoring helps utilities more quickly isolate faults and restore power through recording real-time data on true voltage, fault waveform, load profile, line status and condition, ambient and conductor temperature, and through providing time-stamped event recordings.


Advanced distribution and  sub-transmission line monitoring. Quickly identify faults, protect against overload, and intelligently monitor lines from 5kV to 138kV.


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Onsite wireless connection is available via your laptop and GridSense Local Link with a range up to 150ft (50m). The LineIQ Communications Gateway allows wireless transmission to remote locations via multiple networking options, including cellular, Ethernet, mesh radio, Wi-Fi, and more.

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Monitor critical distribution andsub-transmission lines (5kV-138kV), with no limitation on load requirements for powersupply operating 24/7 from 1-25,000 Amps. Use one radio for up to 15 units at one location,minimizing costs for substation applications. Dual port communications support multiple radios, simplifying piloting.

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One-Click Access to Your Data with  Grid InSite™ Software. View real-time, actionable data about your grid with intuitive, graphical displays and exportable files in graphical or tabular formats. There’s no infrastructure required; all you need is an Internet connection and an Internet device.

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At the system’s heart is an innovative, self-powered sensor easily installed on energized lines with a standard hotstick. While most line monitoring solutions use an inaccurate inductive coil to measure current, LineIQ uses a highly accurate CT that allows distance to fault calculations.




The Franklin Electric Grid Solution Technical and Field Support Teams are here to assist with training, installation, and support. Our Field team will come to your site for training or installation supervision and our Support Center staff is available to assist with troubleshooting, warranty processing, and software installation support.

Visual Indication

  • High‐intensity red and amber LEDs
  • Fault indication: Red LED every 10 seconds
  • Line status: Amber LED every 30 seconds
  • Fault indication reset: Time‐based and/or line‐restoration reset



  • Wireless local and remote options
  • Local RF: Low‐powered license‐free range 100 ft (30m)
  • Remote: Cell (GSM/CDMA), landline
  • Protocols: DNP3, Web services
  • System integration: SCADA & historian integration tools available


Energy Storage/Power Source

  • Solar powered with battery backup (approx. 12 days)


Housing material

  • UV stabilized polycarbonate and/or aluminum diecast

Measured Parameters

  • Current and Power (On/Off)


Fault/Event Capture

  • 60‐Sec RMS profile (I & E‐Field)
  • Pre‐event line loading
  • Fault current magnitude up to 25KA
  • Fault current waveform (240mS)
  • E‐field waveform % change (240mS)


Power outage

  • Time of power‐off


Power restoration

  • Time of Power‐On and Outage Period



  • User‐defined ave. profile (1‐60 mins) of load
  • V50‐60 Conductor & ambient temp. up to +257 °F (+125°C)


Memory Storage Capacity

  • Rolling partitioned memory
Line Voltage <138kV Phase‐to‐Phase
Frequency 45‐65Hz
Conductor Range Up to 1.3” (32mm)
Ingress protection IP66
Weight 4.6 lbs (2.2kg)
Sample Rate Current 1200Hz, E‐field 600Hz
Accuracy Current ±1% of reading ±2 A, Temp ±1 DegF
RMS records (60sec) 100+ events
Fault waveforms 32+
Load Profiling Up to 85 days






Gridsense LineIQ

Model Description
LIQ-60-KIT1 LineIQ Conductor Mounted Sensor Intelligent Monitoring 3-Phase Kit Including Local Link Kit, Carrying Case
LIQ-60-KIT3 LineIQ Conductor Mounted Sensor Intelligent Monitoring 3-Phase Kit (No Case)
LIQ-60-KIT4 LineIQ Conductor Mounted Sensor Intelligent Monitoring (LIQ-60 3-Phase Kit, Gateway, Accessories.) - Sce
LIQ-CHARGER Charger for up to three V2 LineIQ 60, 120VAC
LIQ-COM34 Antenna, Omnidirectional, 6Db, 61048
LIQ-GATEWAY-ETHOEM OEM Gateway v1 BRD with CMLP3 And RF Cable, DB9 RS232 Cable, 11.8 Power & Switch Leads, RF, Ethernet
LIQ-GATEWAYV1 Remote Data Concentrator And Communication Device
LIQ-GATEWAY-OEM OEM Gateway v1 Board Including CMLP3 And RF Cable, DB9 RS232 Cable, 11.8 Power & Switch Leads, RF
LIQ-LOCALLINK-K1 USB, IEEE 802.15.4 Radio (2.4 Ghz) And Extension Cable
LIQ-BAT/CAL Replace LIQ Battery And Calibrate
LIQ-REPAIR Full LIQ Repair (Does Not Include Battery Replacement)

GridSense Communications Gateway

The GridSense Communications Gateway supports both solicited and unsolicited reporting, and allows wireless, remote Line IQ data retrieval via cellular, Ethernet, mesh radio, Wi-Fi and more.

Model Description
AC-PAC-ACVT Gateway v1 External 3M Length 600V AC 2-Wire Power Cable With Tinned End Connections
AC-PAC-DCVT Gateway v1 External 3M Length DC 2-Wire Power Cable With Tinned End Connections
AC-PAC-PC5-2 Gateway v1 External 600V AC Power Cable With GPO Connector
AC-PAC-RC2-PC External RS232 Data Cable, 3M Length For PC
AC-PAC-SOLAR-20W Gateway v1 Solar Power Supply Accessory Kit - 20W